Too Hick for the Room

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Produced by Doug Gerry
& Bruce Forman
Recorded by Drew Daniels,
Sept 18 & 19, 2010
Mixing by Larry Stensvold
& Doug Gerry
Mastering by Andrew Garver

Cover Art by Allen Mezquida
CD Design by

Released 2011

"I'd heard all the stories about Louis Armstrong recording with Jimmy Rodgers, and Charlie Parker playing Hank Williams tunes on Manhattan jukeboxes as he was revolutionizing jazz. But, mutual admiration aside, encounters between bebop pioneers and Western swingers were few, and recordings even fewer. For awhile, I'd wondered what would happen if...

Then Cow Bop got started, I rode my horse over to the Western songbook, and brought my bebop sensibilities along. Now it’s taken me hostage. This musical adventure promised—promised!—to let me go after just one album. Then came a tour. Then another tour. Then another album. With the debut of Too Hick for the Room, I officially give up trying to escape. Cow Bop’s a band, a style, a day on the range, respect for my Texas roots. I’d say it’s running away with me, but the truth is, we’re running away together, and having big fun doing it!”

Bruce Forman, the Cow Bop foreman